Hail's Pokemon RP




Yeah, this thing.

 It's a WIP! This is just some basic stuff I did.

Okay how this basically works...

There are chat boxes to post RP entries in, and above them are some text that describe scenery. That chat box is meant to represent a certain area in a place, and you post there if you want to be in that specific area. You can move around through boxes as your RP requires.

For more RP info, please see Rules

If you wish to RP here you'll need an account, which is pretty easy to do on this particular website. You just need to create an account by putting in the email and password you want. Then, preferably, set a picture of your rp character asthe profile image (it helps identify who is who) and the name can be the character's.

Basic RP stuff is basic.  

Below is OOC chat (Out Of Character chat) which can help if you need help from someone, need to set up an RP, or just feel like casually chatting outside of the RP.

Please leave a message here to let others know when you're online and willing to RP or go on the Forums and leave a message under "RP Requests".

 And here is a map of Fantaria.~





Look what i made guys

~Hailsyn (Rook)

Updated profile section most recently to include more questions regarding characters! Be sure to fill them out so everyone knows what to expect while they're roleplaying with you. If you have any requests for changes just contact myself or Hail. Have fun!

~Vid (Isaac)

~Current District Status~

Northland District

Northland seems to be indifferent to the spring weather, as it continues to beat down on its denizens with harsh icy winds. Residents are encouraged to stay inside at night, when the temperature drops dangerously low.

Currently friendly with: N/A

Currently hostile to: N/A

Desertland District

The temperature during the day has already skyrocketed and ensnared the residents in stifling heat. At night, however, it becomes quite cold. The land is still deprived of rain, though the oasises dotting the area have enough natural water to get by.

Currently friendly with: N/A


Currently hostile to: N/A

Forestland District

Forestland is in bloom as the spring season rolls on. Crop production is hitting an all-time high, and the forests are alighted with bright flowers and scented with the smell of fresh fruits. Allergies however, are rampant.

Currently friendly with: N/A


Currently hostile to: N/A

Coastland District

The Coastland is doing well with temperate weather and cool breezes. Many fesitvals and water-related competitions are held during this time of the year.

Currently friendly with: N/A


Currently hostile to: N/A

Woodlands District

Woodlands remains cooled but not frigid as it was in the winter. The overall atmosphere is still dark and contrasts to the typically cheery air that spring reels in. Residents are encouraged to not stay outside for long periods of time though, as during the brunt of spring, many odd and noxious plants bloom and spread irritants and pollen through the air.

Currently friendly with: N/A


Currently hostile to: N/A

Valleyland District

The air is still cool from the mountain area's altitudes, and everything is in bloom. Many more residents are coming out to listen to the mysterious Singing Mountains. However, the Symphony appear to be becoming more active and have been seen disappearing into the Skyweb for days at a time. 

Currently friendly with: N/A


Currently hostile to: N/A